The Facebook online shop is very much like and the same with other online shopping stores we have. A Facebook store is one that allows you to sell your products through your facebook page. All you need to do to start selling on Facebook is to have your own facebook page or better still create your very own if you do not have a facebook account. Your products get massive exposure on a global scale. With this you get access to potential clients and customers all over the world. You sell your products directly to your potential customers. You don’t need intermediaries to sell your products. The negotiation is between you and your clients. Guest what?  It is free to create facebook online shopping store.

How to Create A Facebook Online  Store

To create an account is simple. And it can be done in two ways. The first method to  setting up a facebook online shopping store is  through your facebook page. Or you can  link your already ecommerce store with your facebook shop. The e-commerce ways can be done by using an ecommerce builder like Shopify to sell through Facebook because this option gives your business mote extensive online presence.

How to Create Online Stores

  • Enter your facebook page and on it  click on the add a shop section tab under the cover photo of your facebook page.
  • Click on agree to the term and policies of the business.
  •  Enter your business details and also set up your payment processing.
  • Then, start adding products to your online store.