Mental Illness | Signs, Symptoms & Effective Measures

Mental illness is real and serious. It cause disturbance of thought and withdrawal from social interaction and contact. People with mental health problem tend to feel isolated from reality. Mental health is not treated with the seriousness it need especially in the Africa society, yet a scary occurrence in the life of those we love. It is psychotic disorders attributed by distortions of reality, in most severe cases the victims may choose to end their life after long-suffering mostly from their daily brain fighting and yet people don’t believe or take mental illness cases seriously.


mental illness

Just because you can’t see it or you have not experience it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. People hurt silently and differently daily. When our mind and soul suffer it has a great effect on our body. A study revealed that 30% of women take medication daily to prevent mental health.

Signs and Symptoms of Mental Illness

To diagnose, detect or know a person suffering from mental health problem. The following characteristics  are noticeable in them:

  • they tend to be talking about been a burden to others
  • they tend to talk about been trapped or  being in unbearable pain and sadness
  • having strong desire to wanting to die or kill themselves
  • talking about feeling  hopeless and having no reasons to live
  • increasing the use of alcohol and drugs
  • getting agitated, anxious and restless often
  • experiencing sleeping problem  either by sleeping a little or too much
  • showing rage and withdraw from friends and family
  • displaying extreme mood swing of either high and low
  • scared of everything around
  • stressed about fitting in to the society construct
  • easily tired and not interested on social activities
  • displaying unnecessary violence behavior
  •  feeling bullied
  • unable to trust their own perception

How to Deal with Mental Illness and Health Problems

say no stigma and discrimination:  having a mental health problem is a burden on it own, but the discrimination can that comes with it, from ignorant individuals can prompt the victims to commit suicide or harm themselves. Understand that the is no shame in mental health problem. The first step is knowing that the is a problem and accepting it.

More open and honest conversation: having an open and honest conversation with the patients has the power to make them feel love and pour out their emotion. Mental health patients need more light and color to brighten the darkness in their life. A caring and honest conversation will help promote understanding of the side effects and medication require for the treatment.

Social activities: Getting involve in strong social emotional skill and activities have better way of promoting physical and mental health  wellness in the patients. They need help and support  through it.

People are always going through emotional stress, anxiety and depression as a result of whatever factors from their environment. Some maybe not know about their situation but, we have to be observant  about those around us. Let’s create awareness, stop the stigma and not spiritualized mental illness especially in Africa