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Add a Store to Facebook Page – Facebook Store Set Up | Facebook Store Page

by Christy Bassey

If you are already a seller on Facebook, and all you want is to see people buy your product at a very high rate. Or you want to increase your sales on the platform, then what you should be asking is how to add a store to Facebook page. Just like setting up an online store, Facebook enables you to set up one on their platform, to help you with your business.

Add a Store to Facebook Page - Facebook Store Set Up | Facebook Store Page

Unlike other online stores, Facebook is different. The way they operate their buying and selling of cause if you know you would agree with me that is different.  Plus setting up the store does not require any fee at all. This is why most people love using Facebook store especially marketers.

Facebook Page and Facebook store

Steps on how to add a store to Facebook page is easy, as long as you have a Facebook account or you signed up one. All you need to do is to:

  • First, set up a Facebook page
  • Then, set up a Facebook store

Facebook page also has its own role when it comes to expanding your business. The Facebook page is like a brand, is just like building a brand around whatsoever you do. It stands like your own company on Facebook.

The second thing is now setting up your store. This is should come next when dealing with selling your product on Facebook. Ones you have successfully advertised your product on your Facebook page, pull buyers to view your products and their prices in your Facebook store.

How to Add a Store to Your Facebook Page

  • First, open your Facebook page
  • Then click add shop (the link is located just below the cover photo of your page)
  • Agree to Facebook terms and policies for product to continue
  • Type your business info on the required spot
  • And finally, provide a suitable payment procedure

And that is it. I guess you see the process is not so hard or even complicated. with that, you can reach so many individuals who are potential customers and are also willing to purchase your goods. Once you have successfully added your store to Facebook page, your call to action icon changes to Shop Now.

Getting your product across to buyers requires a well-planned and organized process to get it to them in a stipulated manner. This should be the real deal to anyone who is into merchandising.

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