Users and buyers can create account with aliexpress free of charge without extra payment. Their account will help you to login anytime you want to buy anything on the platform.
To order anything products on Aliexpress you need adequate funds to purchase and ship your products if the need arises. aliexpress is worldwide online marketplace where buy all over the world buy products either for their personal use or retail purpose.
To buy or use aliexpress you must have active internet access because aliexpress app or website can only be access through internet enabled device or PC. It is online market place not a physical market. You have to use well secured internet and strong internet data enable the device to order whatever products you want.
Users can pay for their products through western union, wire transfer, web money, Master card,  visa credit or debit cards and when you place order, pay for the products and it shipment will be delivered to the address you put up or any nearly post office to you.

How to Buy a Product on  AliExpress App or Website

Visit by launching their mobile app or through their web platform. Navigate through the difference categories of what you want to buy. But  if you have any product in mind simply search for the product by entering the name of the product on the search bar. After that search for reliable supplier by clicking on the seller rating to know the ones with good reputation. It will be based on your products brand or categories. If you are not convinced click on the feedback rate to read people feedback on the supplier.

Before you finally buy a product make sure that you go through the features and specification to be sure it is the exact product you want. The product will contain the shipping amount,  product amount, it features and discounts if any.

After you  are sure of the product, contact the seller by clicking on the link contact now to order the product  and click on the buy now button if your products is more than one click on add to cart.  

After you have successfully buy the product the seller will make arrangements to ship it to your destination. It can take up to a week to arrive. You are also allowed to track your products and the tracking number is on the transaction area on the aliexpress app or website. Make sure you monitor your products till it gets to you. It is as simple as that to buy or use