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AOL Mail Account – Create an AOL Mail Account | AOL Email Login

by Christy Bassey

AOL mail account is a communicating platform that allows users to send large contents of about 25MB t other users who can also receive messages as well. Users can send different contents like photos, videos, referrals and also allows attaching a link to the messages. But only for users already have an AOL mail account with the services. Do you want to have an AOL mail account and you don’t have the slight ideas how to? Concerning the topic, today users looking for an emailing concept can get the right procedures on the page.

AOL Mail Account - Create an AOL Mail Account | AOL Email Login

AOL mail formally called the AIM mail which changes its structures and also its platform by adding more features on the main homepage. Whereby presenting ads on very features you click on. AOL means America online indicating it most beneficial to users in the United State. But own to the benefit of very users in different countries. By providing your business access to emailing contents, the services it renders to users and more. The convenience of the services is extended to the mobile app and the website for users to have access to their AOL mail account.

How to Create an AOL Mail Account

The official website of the AOL Email is www.aol.com for accessing one’s account. Moreover, offering users with personal experiences of the AOL mail with the mobile app. Connect with your friends and business colleague with both platforms through the following process.

  • Click on the link above or use the app by installing it from the app store.
  • Then click on the Mail icon at the top and also at the bottom.
  • Click on “sign up”.
  • Enter your full name and username.
  • Then enter your password and phone number.

Finally, provide you date for birth and gender then click the “continues” icon below. This will open another page for verification asking you the insert the digit sent to your phone.  Once you enter the code and click verify the account will open and a welcome message will be sent on the main icon.

How to Login to Your AOL Email Account

AOL email login; Do you know that with your email account you can log in on any email platforms like Gmail and Yahoo mail? But it only accesses on mobile phones. This process requires an updated Gmail and Yahoo also AOL details such as username and password.

  • Open the Gmail and yahoo app.
  • Click on the AOL icon on the yahoo mail and click the Gmail as the default account for sending an email.
  • Enter your email address on both platforms and your

Note that you can create an AOL Email account on the yahoo mail and also log in by finalizing the login icon. This process also works on the window phones through the Gmail section. Users can also secure their AOL mail account by resting passwords from the profile setting at the top page.

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