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Audiomack Upload Music – Upload Music on Audiomack

by Christy Bassey

Audiomack is a fast-rising streaming music platform. Audiomack has a lot of great features and it is fan-friendly. It allows music promoter and artists to know the reach of their music with its different trend-based rankings. This helps the artist to evaluate the level and popularity of their music. It shows and analyzes of each album and music play or stream on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

audiomack upload music
audiomack upload music

The popular songs are displayed on the popular category on the homepage off audiomack.com. it is easier for fans and visitors to know what songs or album to stream. With all these great features Audiomack is a great platform for artist to do their audiomack free upload. Because their song is guaranteed to reach a wider audience. Especially independent artists who want full exposure to their album.

How to Upload Music on Audiomack

To share or do your audiomack free upload you have to first of all create an account with them. Then go to the homepage and click the Upload icon. It will direct you to a new page. Then select the type of upload which ranging from song, to podcast or album. For your audiomack free upload to be successful you must ensure that your audio files is in the following format mp3,AIFF, ogg, m4a etc and it size should be 250MB. Click on next and drag your file into audiomack site. And wait for it to be uploaded. Enter such as the title, credits, features, and your cover art.

The next step for your audiomack free upload is to click on the metadata and click on either the private or promotional link. Edit your URL. This will help the fans to find the song easily. You can also choose to put the song up for download or disabled it. Then click on the finish button. You can also share the link of the song on your social media platforms like facebook, instagram and twitter. This will help to promote the song .

You can also send your song to their email address which is @audiomack.com. After evaluation your song will be uploaded on audiomack.

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