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Best Netflix Series – Netflix Tv Shows | Best Shows On Netflix

by Christy Bassey

Netflix is one of the popular and biggest subscription service. www.Netflix.com offers and allows users to stream or watch TV shows, TV series, documentary, movies, etc on their IPad, iOS, Android device, smart TV, PC, and Mac. Netflix has varieties of content for everyone. There are the best Netflix Tv series and shows for adults and kids. There is something for everyone to watch or stream on Netflix. Everyone has their genre of content they like and Netflix got you covered.

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It is a whole world of different shows on Netflix. Different classic and latest shows. Sometimes you may not know what to stream or watch on Netflix. Because there are thousands of games, shows, movies, documentary, cartoon, anime and more to stream. So knowing the best Netflix series to watch in the midst of different options and getting the value for your data can tasking. To make it easier for you to search and get what you want stream. I have listed out some of the best Netflix series I think you should watch base on feedback.

Best Netflix TV Series TV Shows to Watch or Stream on www.netflix.com

  1. Losers
  2. Money Heist
  3. Queer eyes
  4. our planet
  5. Formula One
  6. Dogs
  7. Big mouth
  8. Dear white people
  9. Russian doll
  10. Conversation with a killer: the Ted Bundy tapes
  11. Sex education
  12. Orange is the new black
  13. Lion heart
  14. The kissing booth
  15. Blackmirror :bandersnatch
  16. Bright
  17. The princess swtich
  18. Xoxo
  19. Friends
  20. stranger things
  21. You
  22. The chilling adventures of Sabrina
  23. Lucifer
  24. Grey anatomy
  25. Dead to me
  26. Criminal Minds
  27. The office
  28. Dexek
  29. Anne with an E
  30. Marco Polo
  31. Marvel the punisher
  32. Blood line
  33. Lilyharmer
  34. The ranch
  35. Troy: fall of a city
  36. Disenchantment
  37. After life
  38. Lost in space
  39. Wanderlust
  40. Dark tourist
  41. America crime story
  42. American Horror Story
  43. hotel bate
  44. Bodyguard
  45. Breaking bad
  46. Documentary now
  47. The crown
  48. Five came back
  49. glow
  50. Godless
  51. the good place
  52. House of card
  53. The haunting hill house
  54. The keepers
  55. Mad men
  56. Luther
  57. Master of none
  58. Planet earth
  59. Rectify
  60. Riverdale
  61. Russian doll
  62. Star Trek
  63. the west wing
  64. Twin peaks
  65. warmwood
  66. Park and Recreaction
  67. Ken burn documentaries
  68. crimes Diaries : night out
  69. cupcakes and Dino : general Service
  70. dead to me
  71. true and rainbow kiNgdom
  72. finch
  73. supernatural
  74. colony
  75. undercover
  76. Inside the mind of a serial killer
  77. revenge
  78. baki
  79. the kindness diary
  80. angel and devil
  81. the outsiders
  82. senora acero
  83. chamber
  84. beauty and the bitches
  85. The protector
  86. the lunatic
  87. My dear biy
  88. I think I should leave with Tim Robinson
  89. bonding
  90. street food

There are some of the interesting TV shows and movies to stream on Netflix

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