Change Facebook Name – Facebook Name Change

Facebook has billions of users, and most of these users especially the younger ones always prefer to make use of cool names. And one thing you should know is that your Facebook name is your main identity on the platform. And even in your everyday life, your name is your number one identity. Facebook enables its users to change their names from time to time. most Facebook users change name mainly because of the following reasons stated below:

Change Facebook Name - Facebook Name Change
  • You Personally prefer people addressing you by your new name
  • Just got married and want to take up new surname
  • Representation of a brand
  • You just acquire a new title that to attach want to attach to your name
  • Because you want to make use of your nickname more often
  • And lots more, some might even be for personal reasons.

There are lots of reasons why people just decide to change Facebook name. once you change your Facebook name, your Facebook friends become aware of the situation so you do not have to go about telling them you changed your name. The best thing to do is to make use of your real name because you never can tell who would want to locate you using Facebook. and they cannot locate you when you are making use of your nickname. So, let just say it is for your identification.

Change My Name sequence on Facebook Profile

Facebook enables users to edit their names on their users’ profiles. But, to avoid the abuse of users, Facebook added their own idea of the platform. After you change your name once, you would have to wait for another 60days before you would be able to change it again, and if you change it after that 60days, you would likely wait for another 120days before you can make any changes.

How to Change My Name on Facebook Profile or Account

Steps on how to change your name on Facebook is stated below:

  • First, review the name standard you want to change to.
  • On your Facebook account, go to “settings”
  • Click the “personal information or general settings icon”
  • Click “name”
  • Enter your name and click “review change”
  • Enter your password and click “save change”

And that is it with changing your name on Facebook.