Children Reading Books | Improving Reading Culture Among Children Through Peer Group

Children reading books have declined. I remember vividly how reading and going to library was the ultimate goal then. It was a dragging right. Because most children and adolescent made going to the  library a part of their social activity. The atmosphere was super cool then when you see many people buried their head in books. You can’t help but join in. in fact most of us couldn’t wait to be in school on Monday, to boost to our friends about our latest findings. children reading books

Children reading books and the habit of reading brought about healthy competition. Because you want to show others  that you are smart. We are taking about knowledge that is beyond solving equations  and speaking phonetic.

Ways on Improving Reading Culture Among Children -Adolescence 

  • Government should update and fix the library with good children reading books and make the environment are conducive for reading.
  • parental factors: Some parents are not helping in solving this problem. Every child is not destined to be a scholar. But there are books for all field of specialisation and study  in the world. Imagine reading good books and combing that knowledge with your skills. If you want to be a carpenter, there are books on it. You could become the most sort after carpenter in your  environment and beyond.
  • Make reading fun. People are so impatient to sit and read. They say knowledge is power and education is the best policy. The Education doesn’t stop after your first degree or o level. You keep feeding your minds with good books and write-ups. Some of us are quick to blame the advent of social media as the major contributors to the decline in reading culture. Do not throw blames just blame yourself.
  • Most of the books, write-ups and newspapers are on the internet. we still refused to read them but we could spend hours lurking and monitoring other people’s page. If you can divide the time invested in this lurking to investing in yourself it would  more rewarding. Strike a balance .
  • To achieve this since many of us are chasing money. Lets start with our children. First of all cut down the amount of time spend on television. Reschedule a time to watch television, do their assignment and a time to read books. I know the time is limited, but forty-five minutes is good enough.
  • Thank God for some schools now,  have book club. Make sure your children are part of it. Teach them the important of reading.
  • Make sure your nanny, house keepers and people around your children are somewhat educated.
  • Know their interests and get them books on it. Do not expose them to anyhow books. Wrong books could be more harmful than not reading at all.
  • Let their friends come over and play read with them. It will be more enjoyable. Reading is fun when more people are involved.
    If they have gadgets please make sure they do not have access to wrong information on social media. Try as much as possible to monitor them.
    Reading to the young ones as much as possible. It imbibed the culture in them. Take them to library once in a while.  Let’s revive the reading  culture again.