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Create Gmail – Create a Gmail Account | Gmail Account Help

by Christy Bassey

In the 19th century when webmail became in use, so many prospective users assumed that creating accounts with whichever webmail service provider was going to be a thing very difficult. Over the year’s users have seen that it does not have to be difficult. Of all the webmail services, Google Mail also known as Gmail has gained so much more prevalence. If the step to create an account for other webmail services is simple, then creating Gmail Account is even so much simpler.

Create Gmail - Create a Gmail Account | Gmail Account Help

Even though Gmail offers so much more easy-to-use feature that is found within the Google account, Create a Gmail account is as fast as a gazelle. It is not enough for users to desire to enjoy the features the google account has in the offer. A user must create a Gmail account so they can be real owners of this account. After this, that is when users can be able to sign in and enjoy all features.

Why You Need to Create Gmail Account – Gmail Account Help

Gmail is not a one-off webmail service provider. Unlike other providers, the Google Account offers not only the avenue to send and receive emails. Gmail account help users to be a part of the following Google package When you Create a Gmail Account.

  1. Google search.
  2. Google maps.
  3. Calendar.
  4. Google translate.
  5. YouTube.
  6. Google play store.
  7. Google+
  8. And Lots more.

All users need to do is Create Gmail Account. The username and password he or she used to create the Google Account is all he or she needs to access all the above packages. To discuss the great satisfaction users will derive from using some or all of the above packages.

Platform Where Create Gmail Account May Not be Required

Google Search Engine does not necessarily need you to have a Google Account. This package is open to every user, be he or she a Gmail Account owner or otherwise. The package helps you search for anything on the World Wide Web which is one of the most used search engines in the world. This ranges from a word meaning to images and even articles. Lots of professional works have been enhanced by the use of Google Search Engine.

With google maps, users can get their current location on the satellite. Users can also use the map to get direction from their current location to the desired location. This feature is mostly seen with travelers. Most online taxi operators like Uber and Taxify normally use Google Maps.

Google Translator helps you do a basic translation of a word from one standard language to another standard language. You can make use of this service once you have created a Gmail account which gives you access to other Google services.

Platform Where Create Gmail Account is Required

For users to access some features on YouTube, they need to sign in to their Google Account. This can only be possible if you have Create Gmail Account. In other words when the user has Create Gmail Account. With YouTube, users can search and watch any video that has been uploaded on Youtube.

Google Calendar avails the user the platform to organize his or her year. Important events during the course of the year can be fixed on the calendar so that Google can remind you as the day draws near. Users can decide to put a due date and time to every event on the Calendar. Google will send notifications at those due times and dates.

On user’s mobile phones, be it Android phones or iPhones, the Google play store provides users with thousands of applications and games. To access the google play store on your mobile phone, you must have created a Gmail account. The username and password for your Google Account are the same needed to sign in here.

How to Create a Gmail Account

To Create Gmail Account is to avail yourself of the chance to enjoy the above amazing features from Google. The process of Gmail creation or Google Sign up is very easy and straightforward. Follows the simple steps to create a Gmail Account.

  1. Visit www.gmail.com which is the official web address.
  2. Click on create an account icon on this page.
  3. Fill in your Username and password.
  4. Select your gender, either male or female.
  5. Provide your phone number. A code will be sent to this phone number to validate your account.
  6. Select your country and click on the Next step.

By doing this, the process to Create Gmail Account has been completed. You are now free to not only send and receive emails but to also enjoy all the features that come with Google Account. You can now have full access to all other Google services.

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