Dailymotion Video Upload & Share Video on Dailymotion

Dailymotion is one of the largest and popular  video-sharing website that allows users and content creators to upload videos to the platform. DailyMotion video upload allows users to view and  browse videos through the use of tag and categories.  The French website is one to be one of the top video sharing and upload in the world aside YouTube. Many people use this site to view, share,  download and upload any videos of their choice that others may find interesting,  informative,  and entertaining.

Dailymotion Video Upload & Share Video on Dailymotion

This video sharing and viewing site  supports. And allow users to  search through the use of  tags, categories, or channels,  the official site http://www.dailymotion.com offers a wide range of random and different  video. Ranging  from funny videos, to  animal videos, to tech videos,  education video, to politics and new,  to music videos and more. there is something for everyone on dailymotion site. You can find whatever you want through the use of tag,  the channel or categories of the video you what to view.

Everyday content creators open channel with daily motion to share their content and ideas with the audience. For them to do their DailyMotion video upload. They must ensure their videos or any media files is not above 60 minutes and the length of the video and format is 2GB

How to Upload Video to Dailymotion.com

To carry out your dailymotion video upload is very simple and easy. Just follow the steps and guide below to upload your video to DailyMotion.

Firstly, ensure your video quality is limited to 1280*720p. All though is not that much of a requirement.

To start, select media from the menu. then choose t the upload icon in the top left page and select  video files icon.

Click and select all the videos you want to upload DailyMotion. You can choose as many video as possible for your DailyMotion video upload. And wait for your videos to  start uploading to the site.

After the video has uploaded fill in the title of the video,  your prefer language and the category you want the video to appear on. After you have a type in the necessary information click on publish. And your video has been successfully uploaded on DailyMotion.

Make sure your videos is encoded so that your audience can view and download the video. Ensure you tag and categorize your video so that it can be easily find on dailymotion.com.