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Dstv Now | Watch & Download TV Shows on now.dstv.com

by Christy Bassey

DSTV is a digital satellite television which is own by Multichoice, whose services is Direct Broadcast Satellite entertainment to it users. Dstv has platform where users can stream many of their TV shows online. It is called DSTV now. This medium uses the DVB-H technology to broadcast some major TV shows that are compatible mobile phones, tablet and laptop. DSTV Now enables users to stream live shows watch and re-watch some TV shows and movies you have miss out on.

Dstv Now | Watch & Download TV Shows on now.dstv.com

Requirements to Access DSTV Now App

To get access to DSTV Now you must have active  internet access and a browser. There is no additional payment with dstv app and web platform. Once you have subscribed you can stream any TV shows of your choice without extra payment. Also to access dstv now app user must have a valid  Subscription to DSTV Premium, DSTV Compact. An active internet enabled device which includes  PC, Android Phone, iPhone, iPad,  Mac or Tablet. Users need their DSTV Connect identify card and your internet connection should be preferably Wi-Fi, 4G lte, 3G or 5G.


Features Of DSTV Now

  1. There is DSRV Catch Up feature which users can use to be up to date with their favorite shows.
  2. Users are allowed to check their DSTV account balance and also fix error codes if the need arises.
  3.  Live TV shows can be viewed on the app or it web platform by simply streaming them with your internet connected device on the go.
  4. The DSTV Now app allow users to save many videos from DSTV Catch Up services to watch offline.
  5. Users can make use of the DSTV’s TV Guide on the app to help them navigate to their favorite shows.

How To Download DSTV Now

The app download is free, you don’t need  to carry out the sign-up process to download the app. Below is how to download dstv now on your mobile device and PC

  1. Launch your Google App Store and enter the dstv now in the search bar
  2. Click the search button to bring up the app
  3. Click on the download button to install it in your device.

You can also get access to the app through their web platform and below are the browser that is compatible with dstv now app:

  1. Firefox version 47 and upward
  2. Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 and higher version
  3. Chrome version 53 or an higher version
  4. Opera 43 o higher on Windows
  5. Safari 9 and higher version
  6. Internet Explorer

How to Watch or Stream Shows on your DSTV App or Web

  1. Enter now.dstv.com on your browser or open the DSTV Now App on your Android or iOS devices.
  2. Login with your DSTV Connect ID.
  3. Search for any TV show you want to watch or you can click on the live TV to watch show airing live. Or you can visit your TV guide to set on the next programme happening by tapping on it to either stream the show or download it.

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