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Facebook ADS for Beginners – ADS on Facebook | Facebook ADS Group

by Christy Bassey

Facebook.com is one of the popular and installed app social app. It has millions of users. Who uses the app for different reasons. Some for personal use or business purposes. So, aside from normal messages, sharing pictures and video features of Facebook. It is also a tool for online business and marketing. Users can create Facebook ads account. This enables them to share, market, connect and manage business and brand. It provides a medium for interested users to market brands on their pages. Facebook ads are common among business individual And it’s a large marketing platform for any business.

Facebook ADS for Beginners - ADS on Facebook | Facebook ADS Group

Business people use the account to market their brands as well as to make their brands well known to the public. Creating Facebook ads account allows the user to run campaigns and promote products and services. Your personal account is quite different from your ads account. Using Facebook ads account requires some amount of money. You have to pay for the display of advertisements. Users can’t display products, goods, and services without payment. You can pay for ads through your credit card, PayPal and debit card.

How to Manage Your Ads Account

After you create Facebook ads account and pay for the right to post advertisements. You have to properly manage the account. You can do this by using the business manager tool. The business manager enables the user to see who has access to their ads account.

You can decide to change the access of people to your ads account by granting as well as denying them permission. People you gave permission to will be able to see what you are advertising. Ads account help users to be able to sell their content, services as well as products online to people across the globe. There are various Facebook ads which are video ads, photo ads, collection ads, slideshow, etc.

How to Create Facebook Ads Account

Go to your Facebook account and at the top right corner of your screen click on Add New and from the drop-down menu click on Ad Account. Click on create a new ad account. Enter the information required such as your ad account name, advertising on behalf of, time zone, currency as well as payment method. Then, select the people you want to have access to your account. After that, click on OK to finish the account creation. You need a facebook business page to create your ads account.

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