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Facebook ADS Manager Account – ADS on Facebook | Facebook ADS Group

by Christy Bassey

Are you starting up a business and you want it to be famous all around the world, then Facebook ads manager setup is the perfect answer? Not just for business, it might just be a personal Facebook campaign to start advertising on Facebook. With Facebook ads, promoting things on Facebook has become much easier than before.

Facebook ADS Manager Account - ADS on Facebook | Facebook ADS Group

With the ads, you or your product gets to reach out to a lot of individuals willing to patronize. Plus, your awareness increases more than you will ever expect. setting up a Facebook ads manager really helps you a lot because you get to gain insight on certain things like creating and analyzing Facebook ad campaign. Facebook also provides two major tools that will aid you in managing. They are:

  • Power Editor
  • Facebook Ads Manager

How to Find Facebook Ads Manager

Using the power editor for your account management is a lot more complex than Facebook ads manager. And this is due to the fact that navigating ads manager is much easier, plus it is easy to understand. So, lets head to the point, how to find the ads manager is stated below:

  • First, open your Facebook account
  • Click the drop-down arrow located at the upper right of your Facebook.
  • A drop-down menu would appear, click create ad

And that is how to find the ads manager. The ads manager also helps you with somethings, and they are:

  • Reaching lots of audiences
  • Setting up your ads campaign
  • Ad campaign optimization
  • Monitoring your ads campaign performance

This is not all that they help you with, as you get to use the tool more, you will find other things it helps you with.

Setting Up Your Ad Campaign

Setting up your campaign is no so complicated; it is just a step by step process. Setting up your campaign includes:

  • Deciding the objective of your campaign
  • Giving your ad campaign a name
  • Targeted audience set up
  • Selecting the location to set up your ad placement
  • Campaign budget and bidding setup
  • Facebook ads set up
  • Facebook ads manager app

With this, managing your Facebook ads becomes much easier. To download the ad manager app, go to Google play store or apple store, whichever device you use and you will find and download the app there.

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