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Facebook App – Facebook App Settings | Facebook Application Download

by Christy Bassey

Facebook app is the official app, for the most popular social media network, “Facebook”. The app, simplifies your Facebook experience, as it provides all your favorite features all from one spot. The platform comprises all the same features just like it’s original browser version. The only variation is that users cannot play Facebook games on it.

Facebook App - Facebook App Settings | Facebook Application Download

With the app, you get updates from friends and family, browse your timeline, upload and save photos, change your status, comment, and do a whole lot more with it wherever you are. This app also acts as your personal organizer for storing, saving and sharing photos.

Facebook App Feature

The app enables you to subscribe to your favorite celebrities, brands, news sources, artists, or your favorite sports team, to keep up with their newsfeeds, watch live streaming videos, and catch up on the current events regardless of where you are. The Facebook app comes with some cool features, which makes it a user’s delight, any day and time.

  • With this app users, can share all kinds of content straight from their smartphone.
  • Pictures and videos can be uploaded straight from the gallery onto your Facebook account.
  • The Facebook app enables you to search for free Wi-Fi from the app.
  • You can watch live videos on the go.
  • Buy as well as sell items and services.
  • With the app, you can connect with friends and family, and meet new people on your social media platform.
  • Locate local social events, and prepare to hook up with a friend.
  • You can play games with any of your Facebook friends.
  • Your photos can be backed up, as they are saved in albums.
  • Keep up with your favorite artists, websites, and companies, to get their latest news.
  • It enables you to write on timelines, like photos, browse for people, as well as edit your profile and groups.

With these cool features, offered by the platform, it has become imperative to say that the platform is very essential for Facebook active user’s, who frequently log into the ever-active Facebook media platform. Users can start using the Facebook app today, and stay abreast, with the latest news, and current events all around the globe.

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