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Facebook Business – How do I Create a Business Page on Facebook

by Christy Bassey

Facebook is most appreciated when it comes to online business. in case you want to know why, well it is simply because it has more users on their platform than any other social media. Plus, they have amazing features created especially to aid in businesses. Facebook business has been undertaken by lots of companies and brands today and they all are benefiting from it. If you want to start up your own business, I advise that you take the idea of bringing Facebook into your business.

Facebook Business - How do I Create a Business Page on Facebook

If you finally decide to make use of Facebook, and you do not know how then let me take it from here. First, you need to have an active Facebook account for a start. There are lots of amazing features on Facebook, and they are not for decoration. Each of these features has been designed to help users enjoy the platform including business people. The features are stated below:

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Groups
  • Stories
  • Facebook Watch

All these features in one way or the other contribute to your business success. And I will be giving you hints on how to use these features to your business advantage.

Facebook Business: Beginner’s

Here I will be stating all the uses of the features previously mentioned above and how they can help your business.

Facebook Business Page

Facebook business page is just like customer service. With the business page, you can easily communicate with your customers. Aside serving as customer service, it gives clear information about your business and your business offers. It also helps to keep your clients or customer updated with all your recent offers. The business page is like the best way to help your business grow.

Facebook Groups

Facebook group is like an amazing community where people visit share their ideas and share goals. With Facebook groups, you can gain access to communicating with thousands of people. Plus, you get to increase your business awareness in the groups.

Facebook Marketplace

The marketplace is an online market on Facebook which enables individuals to sell their items on Facebook. you can make use of the marketplace for your online store, plus it is free to use.

Facebook Watch

Facebook watch is just like YouTube except this one is on Facebook. filmmaker, comedians, speaker and more make use of this platform to promote themselves. You can post a video using your timeline and if you are lucky, it might just go viral. You can also go live on Facebook using Facebook live. It is really helpful, especially for people holding seminars or conferences all over the world.

Facebook Stories

Facebook stories are short clips that last just for 24 hours. You can upload media, links and more just to advertise your business. it is really helpful.

The only way to access these Facebook business factors is to have a Facebook account.

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