Facebook Business Page Setup – Create Group on Facebook

If you are not on facebook, you are probably missing out on it amazing features. Because facebook is more than just a social media platform where people make new friends and chat. It one of the largest and popular social app. With over one billion users. It is networking where you make new friends and chat with them. Also, It allowed users to create a business page and group. You can advertise your products on the platform through your business page and groups. It offers users opportunities to sign up for New facebook business page and let million of users have access to their products and services.

Facebook Business Page Setup - Create Group on Facebook

Creating new account is simple, Likewise group. If you don’t have an account. To sign up doesn’t require much. All you need is a data-enabled device and a browser. You can sign up for an account by downloading the app on the Google Play Store or through the web platform. To sign up through the web platform. Enter www.facebook.com. type in your username, password, email and sign up. Or download the app on the Google store and sign up.

How to Create Facebook Business page

The business page are in different categories. You can choose what type of business you want to run on facebook. There are business categories,  such as local business, company, community, public figure, brand,  entertainment, artist, institution and more.

  • Enter www.facebook.com on your browser or open it through the Mobile App. On the top right corner, you will see create a page tab, click on it to set up your business manager.
  • Enter your business name, email address and the name and click finish. It is not hard to set up a business page manager because facebook will guide you through the process.
  • Fill in your about page and put a link that will direct people to your business. Make sure you upload a picture.

How to Create Group on Facebook

Remember, you must have a facebook account before you can create a group. having your own group help you to have a huge audience and customer for your service and product. You can create your group and add people of similar interests.

You can create a public, closed or secret groups. Depending on how you want it to be. To create go to the top right corner of the page, click the option Create Group and fill out your marketing group name, add some people, select privacy or public and then click Create.