Facebook Customer Care – Facebook Customer Support Chart | Facebook Help Center

Facebook as the world’s most populated social media platform, has a very nice customer care service. In fact, customer care is a way Facebook use to get in touch or close to their user and understand how they make use of the platform. Facebook has over 1.5 billion users on their platform, and their customers care service is always prepared to attend to all their users.

Facebook Customer Care - Facebook Customer Support Chart | Facebook Help Center

One thing Facebook focus on doing is creating strong connectivity among users. And because of that, Facebook has created several features on the platform to enable the user to enjoy and the platform in different ways. And because of these many features, users always have on problem understanding how at least one of the features works, or how to even access them. This is where Facebook customer care comes in. every day, people visit the customer care also called the help center for some of the reasons I will be stating for you below:

  • Security issues
  • Ads issues
  • Issues Signing Up
  • Messaging issues
  • Notification problem
  • Issues regarding other Facebook features
  • Questions about Facebook and how to make use of some features

Facebook customer care 24/7

 Facebook is always ready to solve the problem of their users. Unlike some other organizations with a limited time frame to when you can access their customer service, Facebook is totally different. No matter the time of day or night that you encounter problems on your Facebook account, Facebook customer service is always there for you. in fact, Facebook customer care service is available 24/7 to all users. Even special holidays do not affect Facebook customer service.

How to Contact Facebook Customer Care

For Desktop

If you are making use if your web browser to Facebook then, to contact customer care, all you have to do is to; Get to the top of your page where the question mark is located. Click it. after that, click the “help center” icon and that is it.

For Mobile app

If you are making use of the mobile app, follow this step; login your account, click the menu bar (three vertically aligned dots) located at the right side of your page. Tap the help and support icon and finally click “help center”.

 But, if you want to save your time, you can simply follow this link www.facebook.com/help. Contact customer care and have your problems solved.