Facebook E-mail – How Do I Access My Facebook E-mail

Facebook E-mail is definitely something new to most users of Facebook, or probably only a few individuals have heard of it. Facebook email is an E-mail address Facebook creates for every user on the platform. It stands as a means through which other Facebook users can get to you and a means of accessing your account also. Facebook email is different from the other email like Gmail or Yahoo mail. It is not an E-mail you sign up for, but it is created when you create your Facebook account. The email is formed using your Facebook username.

Facebook E-mail - How Do I Access My Facebook E-mail

 When you are creating your Facebook account, your Facebook email is also automatically being created. However, you input your username the email name would be created. This is how the email address is formed. Let just say your username is Jennifer Andrew, the email address would be jenniferandrew@facebook.com.

How Do I Access My Facebook E-mail

If Facebook email is new to you, I guess the question on your mind would be how to access your Facebook email. One thing about the email is that you receive messages on the email address without even knowing. Your Facebook message icon carries out this function for you. This gives you access to receive and send messages to other people’s Facebook mail. Steps on how to access your Facebook E-mail is stated below:

  • First, log in to your Facebook account.
  • Then go to the settings page.
  • Click on the general account settings icon.
  • Locate username.
  • Click the edit icon to view the email address.

With these steps, you will be able to gain some knowledge about what your Facebook E-mail address is all about.

Facebook E-mail Update

Updating your email address still follows the same process as you did before. Doing this you have to be very careful because once you make any changes to your username your Facebook E-mail address would be altered. And once you change you make any changes to your Facebook username it will take you about 3 months before you can change your name again also the same with your email address.

  • First, login your Facebook account
  • Go to the settings page
  • Click the general setting
  •  Locate username
  • Click edit to view the email address

And that is how you edit your Facebook E-mail address without much stress. In case you encounter any problem with your email, the best thing to do is to contact the Facebook help center to help you tackle the problem and in no time your account would be fixed.