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Facebook Friends – Facebook Friends List | Facebook Friendship Request

by Christy Bassey

How can I add friends on Facebook or perhaps how do I find my friends? Probably what it means to be friends with someone on Facebook? On the contrary, Facebook friends are regarded as real-life buddy or pal which you actually share a bond of mutual affection with. This can be your classmate, family members, bosom friends, and in other words, humans begin.  One major definition of Facebook is to connect with friends and family. Therefore, friends on this platform are people who you connect with or share mutual relationships with.

Facebook Friends - Facebook Friends List | Facebook Friendship Request

Those people you are friends with, people who you keep in touch with or even care on Facebook are actually regarded as Facebook friends. As a matter of fact, Facebook even makes it helpful to find long-distance friends or friends which you have lost contact with. Generally, joining the community of people connecting with the largest social networking sits helps you to hang out with friends and also discover new people as well.

How do I Find and Add Friends on Facebook?

However, there are various ways to find a friend that you can connect with or friends you have lost contact with and one way you can add them to your Facebook friends list. We have suggested friends which are suggested by Facebook and others. Here how to do that:

Find friends by name: 

  • From your main account page.
  • At the top of the page click the search box.
  • Type the name of the friend and hit the search icon
  • Scroll down to find the person, you can view the personal profile to find out more.
  • Then click Add Friend.

Find friends from phone and email account:

  • First, you need to register your account with your phone number or email address
  • This allows Facebook to access your contact details.
  • Starting from there you can find friends from your contact.

Suggested Friends:

  • When you add your phone number or email account to your Facebook account.
  • You will see suggested friends from your news feed.
  • Click Add friends.

Besides, another exciting thing is that you can also use the search engine to find friends with the use of the email address/username or phone number of the person you looking for. Afterward, you will see a notification that someone has sent you a friend request for you to accept or the person has accepted the friend request.

How do I See a Friendship Page on Facebook?

On the contrary, Friendship is part of the Facebook section where you can view sort of things like posts, photos, videos or other things you have in common with someone you are friends with on Facebook. To view the friendship page:

  • First, Access the friend profile by using the search engine and type the person’s name.
  • Click on the three-dotted lines over their cover photo
  • Then, you can click See friendship.

In other words, if you want to find the lists of people you are connected with, just click on your profile icon at the top section of the page. Also, under your cover photo, you can click Friends, and you can see the list of people are friends with.

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