Facebook Full Site – Facebook Full Site Login Desktop

Facebook Full Site Login Desktop – Access Facebook Website
Facebook is has created several means through which users can access their site, and one of them includes using your web browser. Basically, the web browser is the best place to access Facebook because it grants you access to Facebook full site. If you do not understand what I meant by full site, well it means that you get to access all the features of Facebook. Most people think accessing Facebook full site can only be done on computers. In case you don’t know, you can access the full site on your mobile device whether iPhone or Android.

Facebook Full Site Access - Facebook Full Site Login Desktop

When making use of Facebook on the mobile app, you get access to all the top features of Facebook, but not all the features. Sometimes you may even need to download an extra application like the messenger just to be able to use it on the app. Although the app is very useful, if you still want to access Facebook full site, then I would be given you the steps below:

How to Access Facebook Full Site on Mobile Device

Steps on how to access Facebook full site on mobile devices are very easy. In fact, most of us Facebook users may already know it. But, if you do not know how to access the site, don’t worry because I would be giving you the steps below. Before we get to that, there are two main ways to accessing Facebook full site. The first is the popular one through “Facebook URL”, while the second is “using the browser request”.

The main access to the Facebook Full Site is the Login once you are able to login to your account then you get full access to Facebook. In other, to login, you can either make use of the Facebook App or a web browser all You need is your username and password. once you enter them correctly click on the login icon. Once that is done then you have full access.

Using the Web Browser Request

First, if you make use of an Android device, then open your Google chrome. At the top of the browser page close to your URL bar, click the three dots aligned vertically. Then click “request desktop site” at the right section of the screen and that is it.   

If you are making use of an iPhone device, open safari browser. Then open Facebook, at the bottom of the browser, click option and finally click the request desktop and that is it. You do not have to go through much process to access the desktop site.

Using the Facebook URL

Using the Facebook URL is the easiest ways to access Facebook desktop site. All you have to do here is to open your browser. On the search bar enter the URL www.facebook.com and finally click enter and with that you are in the desktop site.