Facebook Game Cards – Can you Buy Facebook Gift Cards | Facebook Game Cards Redeem

Do you know that you can purchase items, for instance, buy life, generate more coins, and lots more within Facebook games? Not quite long ago, Facebook announced a feature integrated into the platform where game developers can earn income through the in-app purchase. On the contrary, Facebook game cards is a gift card which can be used to buy games and also items that are within the games like, avatars, coin, virtual pets and more as well as gaming application on Facebook.

Facebook Game Cards - Can you Buy Facebook Gift Cards | Facebook Game Cards Redeem

One of the quick and easy payment methods you can use to purchase in-app games and non-gaming application within the game is through the Facebook game cards. The feature also offers game developer the ability to generate their own in-app redemption flow. Whereby enabling players to activate the full efficiency of the Facebook game cards directly into an in-app games currency. However, the Facebook game card can be used in thousands of games whether to speed up your high score or more.

Where and How to Obtain a Facebook Game Card to Access more Gaming Features

Currently, over 20 countries and approximately 130,000 retailers located worldwide offer the sale of the Facebook game cards. There are different means in which player can obtain the game card to access more feature and gaming application. This comprises of offline and online channels and that includes the following:

  • Online-store: Obtain the game card from online store like Walmart, Radio Shack, Safeway, GameStop, Best Buy, Tesco, and also Game shops.
  • Rixty: another mean you can use to obtain the card is from Rixty which requires you to purchase a Rixty gift card with either the use of coin or card at the store.
  • Shopkick: Enter into the Shopkick alongside your iPhone or Android application which allows you to obtain Facebook game cards.
  • ifeelgoods: we also have this store where you can to obtain the Facebook game card from online retailers as motive that you bought or sign up for email newsletters.

Other offline or online stores which you can obtain the Facebook game card includes, the AppDog, TrailPay, and DealSpot. However, you can also check with other online stores available in your country to obtain Facebook game cards.

How you Can Redeem your Facebook Game Cards on the Redemption Page

Have you obtained your card or you haven’t yet? Well, if have already purchased the Facebook game card from any online or offline store. You can then redeem the code of the card given to you on the redemption page to do whatever or buy whatever you want within the game.

  • Go to www.facebook.com/gamecards.
  • Then you can locate the green icon in the middle of the page which indicates “Redeem Code”.
  • Afterward, you can then provide your pin code on the game card.
  • Lastly, click Redeem.

Once, you have completed the process, the value of your Facebook game card will be added to your Facebook account balance. Hence, whenever you purchase an item, it will be deducted from your credit account. Also, keep in mind that you can use the Facebook game card for other purchase except for games.