Facebook Gaming Live Stream – Stream Live Games

Facebook is making seamless efforts to attract game streamers with a new type of gaming hub. Professional gamers or game streamers can actually play live streaming games online for others to watch. Another thing that even making the gaming hub better is that people can donate money to your gaming page. However, the gaming hub developed by Facebook is known as Fb.gg or can also be referred to as Facebook Gaming Live Stream. The program was launched recently for gamers to join the community of online gaming hub just like Twitch.

Facebook Gaming Live Stream - Stream Live Games

Moreover, there are lots of online gaming hubs on the internet and one of the popular gaming hubs is the Twitch. The development of the Facebook gaming live stream brings a lot of competition online, especially with Twitch. However, the platform is trying to keep all its users on the platform whereby creating a focusing gaming land page where people can discovery or watch games known as the Fb.gg page. However, in other to access the Facebook gaming live stream, you need to create a gaming landing page.

Create a Gaming Video Creator Page

First of all, before you can start streaming or going on Live games on Facebook, you first need to create a gaming video creator page. this will also your fans to follow you and also help you build more audiences. Here’s how to set up a gaming video creator page:

  • Access the Gaming page creator with the link www.facebook.com/gaming/pages/create
  • After that, you need to create a gaming landing page by providing your Page name.
  • Leave the category as “Gaming video creator.
  • Lastly, click Continue.

Afterward, you can set up your page by setting up your profile picture and cover photo. Then you can select the option “Send Notification” in other to notify your fans. However, creating the page allows you to curate clips, host former broadcasts, and others.

How do I Stream Live Games on Facebook?

Just like I mentioned before, you need to set up a gaming video creator page, and also you need to provide a software encoder that you can actually download and that includes OBS, XSplit as well as Streamlabs OBS.

  • Visit the creator portal www.facebook.com/live/create
  • Click Create live stream which will open a new page.
  • Next, under the option “Choose where to post your live broadcast” you can select the gaming video creator page you created.
  • Then you can copy the stream key and server URL to the setting of the streaming software.
  • Next click FacebookLive under the service.

Finally, you can access the streaming software in other to begin streaming live games on Facebook. Moreover, you can as well locate previous streams on Facebook located where the server URL and stream key appear. In conclusion, from the creator portal, you can make your gaming page more efficiency by adding tags and descriptions for your followers.