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Facebook Gaming – Game on Facebook Online | facebook gaming live

by Christy Bassey

Here is to introduce and explain the Facebook gaming. Facebook gaming is one of the best platforms where by you can create, stream a live video and also create awareness of people to watch moreover  Facebook is one of the world’s biggest destinations for gaming with over a thousand people playing games.

Facebook Gaming - Video Gaming Creator

Facebook gaming has helped a lot of people to archive their dream and goal it may also be yours today if you really understand the benefit of a Facebook game and take steps toward it.  There are many benefits to the archive on a Facebook game.

Benefit You Can Archive In Facebook Gaming

Facebook has done a great help where by it will even give you a chance to create a group game on your platform some benefit for a Facebook gaming is rewarding fans who watch by providing in games items or bonuses and also user might see a promotion like “watch champion stream for a chance to earn random boost to use in-game and you will be able to reach your target audience.

How To Stream A Video Game

 Streaming video on Facebook game gives you some ability to have your own complete video game on your own platform. And you will be able to be among who will be earing with streaming video game on Facebook gaming platform. How can you stream a video game on Facebook gaming platform follow the instruction give to you below. Click on your browser and paste the link given below

  • https://www.facebook.com/fbgaminghome/creators It will take you to a platform were you will start your own Facebook game account opening.
  • You will see a navigating arrow facing (UP) then click on it and (SIGN UP) for an account exiting user enters your email account user.
  • Fill the form show below and click on the (let’s do this).
  •  Set up your account.
  • Click on the (Go to live) and get started.

Doing it in a rightfully way will help you get great the work done. You can now start your streaming and also uploading your video game on your platform. It’s all about understanding the basic things on it.

Basic Thing You Need To Know About Facebook Gaming:

 There are also some basic things you need to know on  Facebook gaming platform that will really help you a lot in knowing more about Facebook gaming.  Have you ever thought of creating your own video game? You can also create your own gaming video creator page.

How does that work it all about thinking of what name can you give your page and follow the instruction. Owns you can follow all the instruction show below you will end up having your own video gaming page and you will be able to upload your video game on it. All you have to do is to open your browser and paste the link given below.

Creating Video Gaming

It is a benefit for you when you create your own video gaming you will be able to stream a live video and share with friend and publish also.

  •  Visit the Gaming Page Creator with the link https://www.facebook.com/gaming/pages/create on the URL section on your browser.
  • Enter the name of the page you think of
  • Select continue
  • Select any of your Profile Picture and upload
  • Upload a cover picture also
  • Select (Send notification)to alert your friend about the new page you just open

Owns you are able to complete the process given to you, will see that you will now end up having your video game on your platform with the help of Facebook gaming. That is just all you have to do to own a video gaming creator page. Everything needs processing owns you do that right you get it write and be happy at the end of it all. Facebook gaming it about getting the content of it all.

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