Facebook Help Support – Help Center Facebook

Are you having issues with your Facebook account? Or are you just creating your account and you need help getting around the platform? If you fall under any of these situations, then let Facebook help center aid you. Facebook help center is a platform designed by Facebook to aid its users.

Facebook Help - Help Center Facebook

The help center is just like every other company’s customer support, you lay your complaint or whatever made you go to the platform. The help center is just here to make sure all the FB users enjoy their time on the platform.

What the help center does for you

Like I previously stated, the help center works like customer service, so they do not just help you get around. They also help you solve a problem you encounter on the platform. The FB help center has responded to all its users with live chat, call or articles. As long as there is a problem that you need to solve concerning your account, Facebook help center is always ready to help you. You might even be faced with security issues, or even errors on your page, just name it Facebook help would solve it for you.

Facebook help center is always available 24/7, so you can contact them any time you wish to do so. If you happen to fall under any issue you cannot handle probably scam issues, the help center should be your first action.

How to Contact Facebook Help Center

The help center is very easy to contact. To contact them, just follow this link https://web.facebook.com/help/?_rdc=1&_rdr. Once you open the site, you would be presented with two options which are; visit Ads help center or help community. Contacting Facebook using email is not possible, but if you want to have a live chat with Facebook. It is best you visit the help center which is the only way to have a live chat.