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Facebook – How Can I Sign Up for Facebook

by Christy Bassey

Although there are so many other social media platforms in the world, there is one that stands to be the best and that is Facebook. Facebook is the largest and most used social media platform in the world. It is like the originator of internet connectivity. Facebook has managed to capture a quarter of the world’s population (the world has over 8 billion people living in it, and over 2 billion of these people own a Facebook account). The face was actually the first to introduce the world to the kind of connectivity they and other social media platform is using today. the most amazing part is that FB is free to users from different locations of the world.

Facebook - How Can I Sign Up for Facebook

The platform was designed with a unique and amazing feature giving each and every user their own profile that serves as their identity. The profile was designed to give details about all users. Plus, the users get to send and receive friend requests to and from anyone they wish to. And, accepting the request is up to them. And as time goes on, Fb keeps on introducing new and amazing features which are increasing the fun time for the user and making the platform easy to access at any time.

Facebook Features

Most of the features introduced to the platform serve as either to create more amazing experience among users or increase connectivity among users. And with FB, you can connect with anyone around the world as long as they are on the platform. Here are some features of FB.

  • FB Messenger (Text chatting, Video calling, and Voice calling)
  • Marketplace (designed for buying and selling)
  • Pages and Groups (connectivity and creating business awareness)
  • App store (download and installation of Apps)
  • Watch (streaming Videos)
  • Live (streaming and making Live videos)
  • Timeline (sharing links, videos, photos, etc.)
  • Gameroom and FB Instant Games (playing games)

Aside from these features stated above, there are lots of them on Facebook. Plus, Facebook updates the platform once in a while so new features come in once in a while.

How Can I Sign Up for Facebook

Step on how to sign up a new Facebook account is stated below:

  • First, visit www.facebook.com using your web browser or if you have the mobile app, open it.
  • Click sign up.
  • Enter all the detail required which includes your name, email address, date of birth, gender, password, etc.
  • Click the create account icon.
  • With the verification code sent to your email or phone number verify your account.

fix your profile and then you can start adding or inviting friends.

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