Facebook Instant Messenger Download For Android & IOS

One of the most famous and most used apps in the world today is messenger apps, and Facebook has one of their own. If you have a Facebook account or you have heard about Facebook then you probably must have heard of Facebook messenger. Facebook messenger app is a good and amazing app that stands out from all the other messengers because of the amazing features it possesses. Facebook instant messenger download

The service carried out by Facebook messenger is very unique because it possesses more than one chatting feature. They include; text chatting, voice chatting and video calling. Aside from these forms of chatting, it also possesses other amazing features that enable users to express themselves better. They include:

  • Feelings
  • GIFs
  • Smileys
  • Emojis
  • FB Story and more

Facebook Instant Messenger App Download

However, the Facebook messenger app is an application available to iPhones, Android and Windows devices. These devices are the most used devices on the planet today. Facebook Messenger is available to all users of Facebook. And one of the best parts about using the messenger is that Facebook made it available in free mode. Meaning you can send and receive messages without any data charge. Except receiving media files (pictures, audios or videos) would not be possible unless data mode is activated again. With that which messenger app can be compared to the Facebook messenger app.

Facebook Instant Messenger Download for Android, IOS and Windows Devices

Downloading Facebook messenger app is possible with just any app store. The messenger app was made available to all plus you can download. And install the messenger app on any android, iPhone or Windows devices as long as it accepts APKs. Below are steps on how to download Facebook instant messenger:

  • Open your app store
  • Search for Facebook instant messenger
  • Select the Facebook messenger app or Facebook messenger lite.
  • Click download and install

And with that, the app would be on your device ready for you to use it. If you want to minimize your data go for the messenger lite version but if you feel you have more than enough data to you can go for the messenger app version.