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Facebook Jail – How to Get Out of Facebook Jail

by Christy Bassey

As a Facebook account owner, following Facebook rules and regulations is very necessary. If you are caught violating Facebook rules or privacy policies, Facebook jail is what you receive. Not like you will be going to real jail, but, when you get caught, Facebook denies you access to certain things on their platform which includes; posting on timelines, posting on groups, sharing certain information, viewing profiles and gaining access to certain persons.

Facebook Jail - How to Get Out of Facebook Jail

Facebook hate it when users try to alter their rules laid down because it affects the platform and its users. They always try their best to protect their interest and that of their users, so because of that, they take action against all violators. FB makes sure that you are properly warned, then when you do not comply, that is when you get to go to FB jail.

Facebook Jail Rules

Avoiding Facebook jail requires that you comply with every rule laid down by Facebook. Here I will be stating something you need to do in other to escape being placed in jail. These go-to digital marketers who are trying to make use of Facebook for their business promotion. They are stated below:

  • Give quality intervals between post so that your post does not stand as an abuse
  • Avoid scams and abstain from publishing spams
  • Avoid contents that do not follow Facebook policies
  • Input your correct details in your profile so Facebook does not see you as a scammer.
  • When you publish Facebook content, they should be fresh

How to Get Out of Facebook Jail

Facebook jail is mostly not a permanent punishment, you get the option to prove and defend yourself. If you upload any content that seems to be discriminating, you could go to Facebook jail for weeks or days. After which you get allowed to post again.

If you do not know why Facebook jailed you, or your restriction period is becoming too long, you can visit the Facebook help center and lay down your complaint. With that Facebook will look into your problem and provide a solution.

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