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Facebook Lite App – Facebook Lite App Install

by Christy Bassey

There are several ways or platforms to access Facebook now. And two of them are applications while the other is through your web browser. If you have not heard of the Facebook lite app then you have not yet made use of the platform very well. Facebook lite app is also Facebook app but more like a sub version of the platform. It consumes a much lesser amount of data than the normal app, and occupies a lesser amount of space. No matter your android or iOS device version, it accepts the app.

Facebook Lite App - Facebook Lite App Install

The Facebook lite app is not so different from the regular Facebook app we all know. The normal app takes a much larger amount of space on your device and consumes more of your battery life. And for this reason, I think you should take the lite app instead of the regular Facebook app version. Also, the app is just perfect for those who cannot afford data, or those who wish to manage their data.

How to Install Facebook Lite App

Steps on how to acquire the Facebook lite version is very easy.  At least, if you have an Android or an iOS device, you should know that. All you need to get the app is an app store. Or you can do that using your web browser, but to get it faster, the app store is recommended. All that is left for you to get the app is a fully operational android or iOS device. What I mean is your device should be working fine. Steps on how to download Facebook lite is stated below.

  • First, open your app store (Google playstore or apple store)
  • Then go to the search bar on the store
  • Enter Facebook lite
  • And finally click installs on the lite app or follow whatever process necessary to complete the download.

And that is how to acquire the app. Another quick fact about the app is that it occupies just 1.4mb on you device so you do not have to worry about space when downloading.

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