Facebook Marketplace App – Is Marketplace Free on Facebook | Marketplace App Download

Most of us must have heard about Facebook marketplace but have no idea about Facebook marketplace app. The app is an e-commerce store developed by Facebook for the benefit of its users. The app enables individuals who have a Facebook account to buy and sell things on the platform. Although some Facebook users market their goods on groups, Facebook marketplace offers a better way to sell your product to customers.

Facebook Marketplace App - Is Marketplace Free on Facebook | Marketplace App Download

The marketplace is different from other buying and selling platform. The marketplace enables you to your items to people around your location (city). this marketplace was designed like this to for safer transaction purposes. And you can even set the market place to cover a particular area, town, city, states, etc. and ones you have done that, only people within the range you set the marketplace to cover would see your store.

How to Buy and Sell Using Facebook Marketplace App


There are lots of products on the market place uploaded by users for sale. And buying product from the market place is easy. All you have to do is to follow the steps stated below:

  • To buy first you open Facebook marketplace
  • Search for the item you want to purchase based on the categories stated in the marketplace
  • Once you have located the item you want to purchase, then the seller would be identified
  • You can send a message to him or her if you want to bargain
  • Then you two can proceed to discuss how you will make the payment and how the product would be delivered to you.


Selling in the marketplace is also very easy because all you have to do is to follow the steps I will be giving you below:

  • First, take a good picture of the item you want to put for sale
  • Enter the name of the item
  • Give a good description of the item and state the price of the item for sale
  • Select the category of the item
  • Add your location to enable buyers locate you easily
  • Finally, post the item.

One other thing you should know about buying and selling on Facebook is that it is totally free, all you need is to have a Facebook account. one other thing you need to know is that the features are available to all Facebook users.