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Facebook Marketplace UK – Marketplace Facebook | Market Place on Facebook

by Christy Bassey

Facebook Market Place is a platform on Facebook centered on buying and selling. And all Facebook user is given full access for free. Starting up an online shop covers may be too expensive for you, but Facebook is here to solve that problem. The Facebook Market Place has been made free for all users, and any capital you would be required to start up a shop online, with Facebook it is free.

Facebook Marketplace UK - Marketplace Facebook | Market Place on Facebook

 The marketplace is different from other online shops because you can locate sellers and buyers close to where you live. In fact, it was designed like that to help reduce fraud and make transactions a lot easier. As a seller, you can also choose the areas or location you wish for your shop to be seen. And to do that, you would need to go through the marketplace setting. With that done, all sellers or buyers around the location you are would be able to see your shop in the marketplace. And you would be able to buy items in a particular place.

How to Locate Facebook Market Place on Desktop, Android, and IOS

On you’re Facebook page, there is an icon with the shape of a storefront, that is the marketplace. The icon is not located at the same location for Facebook in desktop, Android devices, and iOS devices.

Marketplace Desktop

For the desktop or the when you use your web browser. You would locate the marketplace icon at the menu bar located on the left-hand side of your page.

Facebook Market Place On Android

 For the android devices, it is located at the top of your page, alongside the other icons there (notification, messenger icon, etc.)

Marketplace iOS

For iOS devices, it is located at the bottom of the page, very easy to locate. To make a good sale on this platform, the best thing to do is to take a really good picture of the item for sale. The picture should contain at least a good description of the item’s condition and other details of the item should be provided.

If you wish to buy an item, it is easy because all items on the marketplace are categorized. Once you locate the item you want to buy, you can then proceed to negotiate with the seller through sending messages or whatever way the both of you prefer.

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