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Facebook Messenger – Facebook Messenger App Download | Facebook Messenger Install

by Christy Bassey

If you know about Facebook in any way then you must know that private chat is being carried out on Facebook. This is done via the messenger platform. If you must know, then Facebook Messenger platform is designed to enable users to communicate with one another privately.

Facebook Messenger - Facebook Messenger App Download | Facebook Messenger Install

This platform is available on mobile devices as an application but different when using the Facebook website. When using the website, in other to fully access messenger, you would be taken to an entirely new webpage. This is to say, the messenger is kind of separated from Facebook but is attached to Facebook and can be accessed from Facebook.

Facebook Messenger Features

Facebook messenger has the features that make it even more fun for its users. Most of us make use of these features every time. they are:

  • Text chat
  • Voice chat or voice call
  • Video chat or video call.

You can use any of these features to have a good chat with your friends and family on the platform. And no matter the distance between you and your friend or family you can easily chat with them with any of the features stated above even if you are in different countries. Some features of Facebook messenger app include:

  • Play a Game
  • Choose a Sticker
  • Choose an Emoji
  • Add Files
  • Take a picture using quick cam
  • Add a Photo
  • Choose a GIF

These features aid Facebook users to enjoy the platform even better. Making chatting fun and much encouraging. Plus, you get to share documents be it pictures, videos or audio.

Facebook Messenger App Download

Using your mobile phone to access your Facebook account is good, but in case you use the mobile app then downloading the messenger app is necessary. Even if you make use of the Facebook lite application, it is also necessary that you download the Facebook messenger lite because it is really helpful.

The apps are made available for android, iOS and Windows devices. Downloading the app is easy and free. First you:

  • Visit the app store available on your device
  • Locate the app store search bar and search for Facebook messenger app or Facebook messenger lite.
  • Once you locate the app, download and install it on your device.

Once you have the app, then you will gain access to all the amazing features accommodated by the app.

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