Facebook Notifications Settings – Facebook Notifications not Working

Facebook notifications Settings is one of Facebook amazing features, it gives you an update about the things happening in your account. the notification is set to notify you on certain things which includes:

Facebook Notifications Settings - Facebook Notifications not Working
  • Who reacted to your post?
  • Who liked your post?
  • Occurring events and upcoming events
  • Who commented to your post?
  • Who commented on the post you are tagged in?
  • Your friends’ activities what the posted or post they tagged you in
  • Activities occurring in groups you are in and much more. Facebook notifications settings.

The notifications are there to make you enjoy using the platform more than ever. Updates you on everything you need to know about what is happening on Facebook. One of the best parts about Facebook Notifications is that you get notified both when you are online and offline. Facebook upgraded the notification from just a to a message displaying on your screen telling you the activity that just occurred.

How to Check Your Facebook Notifications Settings

Checking your notification is easy, just follow my lead. At the top of your Facebook page, you will see five icons at the top of the page. The bell icon at the top right side of the page is the Facebook Notifications icon. Click it and all that is occurring in your Facebook page would be displayed from recent to the least posted.

Facebook Notifications Icon

The Facebook Notifications icon is designed to help you access your Facebook all the activities on the page. The notification icon brings out a red spot once there is any new notification. And the number of unchecked notifications is also indicated on the red spot produced. Facebook Notifications is displayed whenever there is anything new whether you are using the Facebook app or using it through your web browser.

Message notification icon displays whenever there is a new message sent to you from someone and group. While the notification that displays in the form of a human shadow is to notify you on recent friend requests sent to you on Facebook. By clicking any of this notification, you would access it immediately.

Troubleshooting Facebook Notifications

Aside from getting notified on everything that occurs on Facebook, you can also adjust the settings to the way you want. you even get to choose people you want to receive notification from whenever they send you a message or post something new. and you can also set it to receive a notification on what you want. just follow the steps I will be stating for you below to access that:

  • First, get on your Facebook homepage
  • Then at the top of the page, and click the settings icon.
  • Click notifications
  •  Edit your notification settings the way you want it to be

And that is it. just always remember to look out for new notification on your Facebook and I bet you, you will enjoy your Facebook more than ever.