Facebook Privacy Settings – Privacy Settings for Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms with up to billions users. Users can message, save videos, post  pictures and videos. And also open private and business account on Facebook. Facebook users can create and customize their own profile with pictures, videos and other information about themselves. Every Facebook users  have their own wall. Every Facebook users can view other users wall or profile. Is not only your friends that can view your profile. But,  Facebook has other options whereby all users can  set their wall on private. Facebook privacy settings prevent users who are not your friend from viewing your profile, posting on your wall or tagging you.

Facebook Privacy Settings - Privacy Settings for Facebook

Aside that Facebook privacy settings allow for  readjustment of the settings by allowing  the person choose who is able to see their profile. This help prevent users who are not your friend  from posting on your wall or tagging you on their post. Facebook is very open and the most public social media platforms unlike other social platforms. This is why Facebook privacy settings is very essential for those who over shared and don’t want others who are not their friends to see their information. What makes the platform more unique is the ability to select users on his or her friend list who can see your post.

How to Set Facebook Account to Privacy

To set Facebook account on privacy settings is simple. These settings allow the user to select the  friend list, what post is seen by people on your wall, what is visible on your wall, who is on your friend list, your age, who can see your next post, who can see your friend list etc. There are so much to do on and redo on Facebook privacy settings. To start follow these steps and procedures

  1. Enter the website http://www.facebook.com on your data enabled devices.
  2. Click on the menu arrow down at the right corner of the Facebook homepage. Then navigate down and click on setting option
  3. After that click on privacy under the general setting and click on edit button.
  4. Follow the instructions the, and wrote a post on who to see your post. Change your  other facebook  privacy settings you want to change or reset. and Then click on a post.

After you have on clicked on post, you have then successfully put your post, profile etc to privacy mode. Then decide who to see your wall. Edit your other information and make necessary changes to enable stay on privacy mode