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Facebook Recover – Recover Deactivated Facebook Account

by Christy Bassey

If you are having issues with accessing your Facebook account then I advise that you keep on reading this article. Sometimes, this may be because of the rules you have broken on Facebook. Like posting adult content or even hacking other people’s accounts. most people find this as an issue and it can be annoying especially when you do not know why your Facebook account was blocked or why accessing it is so difficult. The only way to gain the reason is to visit the Facebook help center for help. In other to recover your Facebook account, you can visit the Facebook help center, and even get the reason why your account was blocked. This is only possible if your account is under temporal deactivation.

Facebook Recover - Recover Deactivated  Facebook Account

One main important thing all Facebook users should put first when it comes to their account is their security settings. This helps you secure your account against cybercrime and also protect your account from unauthorized individuals.

Facebook Account Recovery: If Your Account Was Disabled by You

In case you did the disabling yourself, steps on how to recover it are stated below.

  • First, open Facebook using your web browser
  • On the sign-in page, enter your login details
  • Click cancel deletion especially if you want to delete your account
  • Once that is done, your account would once again be activated.

Recover Deactivated Facebook Account

For Facebook to disable your account, it means you have violated their term and conditions.  And to recover your account from that, the steps are stated below:

  • First, open Facebook using your web browser
  • Login your account on the login page
  • Click the icon my Facebook account has been disabled
  • Once you have done that, follow this link
  • https://www.facebook.com/help/www/103873106370583/
  • Click the submit and appeal tab
  • The appeal form will display including an option to log out
  • Then close your web browser and then open it again
  • Enter your email address or phone number and then your name
  • Upload a photo for your identification
  • Once you have done that, you would receive a message immediately after your account has been activated.

With that, your account reactivation would be smooth and easy.

Code for Facebook Recover

Facebook recovery code is just like other recovery codes that have to do with recovering your account. this code is given to Facebook users in situations where they need to recover their account. steps on how to acquire this code are stated below:

  • First, login your account
  • Open settings
  • Click Security and log in under settings
  • Click two-factor authentications
  • Enter your password and recover your code.

You can also acquire the code from the Facebook help center if you visit to recover your account.

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