Facebook Reporting Center | What to Report & how to Report

Facebook reporting center is where you can complain and report anything you feel is out of line and against the policy of the community. You can report things like rape threat, abuse, hate speech, pornography videos and pictures, threat, racism and more. So in essence, Facebook reporting center is just a place or a way through which a Facebook user or a non-user can report something or a person on Facebook.

Facebook Reporting Center | What to Report & how to Report

You might think that you don’t need to report anything or the Facebook reporting center is pointless. The truth is that everyday something happen on Facebook that you may not know about. For the fact that you haven’t come across any of these yet doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist on Facebook. It does exist and everyday Facebook always put in an effort to block and remove these things from the platform. But the thing here is that Facebook cannot do the work alone. That is why they have come up with a feature or a way rather to make the process easy.

What to Report on Facebook Reporting Center

Users and non users can report anything  that goes against Facebook community policy and standards. You can report about  nudity, racist comments, threat, rape comment, violence, hats speech, spam and  more. If you should also find anything inappropriate on the platform that you feel shouldn’t be there you can report to Facebook center.

How to Report 

Below are the method and steps to follofacebook-reporting-centerw in laying out your complaint to Facebook reporting center

To report an event is simple. On the events page click the options icon on the top right of the events page

Click on report event and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

  • Go to the profile you want to report  and click on the three dot icon at the bottom right corner of the cover photo.
  • On the drop down menu click on the give feedback or report tab and follow the on-screen options to successfully report the profile.
  • You can also to block the  profile too
  • You can also report a post by clicking on the drop down arrow icon in the top right of the post
  • Then, click on report post or report photo option. Follow the on-screen options in the next tab to report the post on Facebook reporting center

You can also use the Facebook help center to report to report something you can’t see on Facebook under the report page and fill out the report form. Also if you feel threatened by a post on Facebook you  should report the post to local law enforcement authorities In your community.