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Facebook Security – How can I secure My Facebook Account

by Christy Bassey

One thing every Facebook account owners wants is a secured Facebook account. But, the only person that can give you that security is yourself. Clearly, you are the only authorized individual allowed to use your Facebook account. And if some else hacks into your account and takeover it from you I know how bad that feels trust me I have been there. Facebook security is something you should take seriously because it helps you protect your account from unauthorized activities and individuals.

Facebook Security - How can I secure My Facebook Account

Aside from Facebook, there are thousands of hackers all over the web. Even scammers and spammers who tend to take advantage of your web activities that are unruly. Most users who struggle with security problems is due to the fact that they do not pay attention to. Facebook has provided tools and details to keep your account safe. This platform goes as far as sending messages to their users about security. If you ignore you might end up regretting why you did it later. You need to take your Facebook account security seriously.

Facebook Security Entails

Have you ever come across Facebook security settings? Facebook designed this to help user’s not just secure their account, but recover their account if hacked or is being tampered with. Facebook security settings contain the following information:

  • The device that you are using to log in your account
  • Friends to contact if you ever get locked out.
  • Two-factor authentications

Facebook Security Block List

Blocking someone on Facebook is not something new to us, but what about block list. Most people may not know about this list or even how to find this list. Well I will be giving you steps on how to find it below:

  • First, locate your Facebook account settings.
  • Then go to the blocking settings.
  • On the search bar presented to you type Facebook security.
  • A list of individuals will pop up.

Some people say that they are government officials spying to know if you are carrying out illegal activities. People say different things about these people. You can make your own search for these individuals.

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