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Facebook Singles – Facebook Secret Crush Dating Feature | Facebook Singles Near Me

by Christy Bassey

Are you a Facebook Singles? Or don’t you know what a Facebook single is? Well, all of these questions will be answered. It is with great enthusiasm that I write to you today. As the name suggests, a Facebook single are singles using the Facebook platform. What I mean by singes are people who are not into any form of relationships. That being said can now help you now your position as Facebook users (i.e whether you are a Facebook single or not). Before reading this article further, I want you to understand that this is just a review and an update on the Facebook feature.

Facebook Singles - Facebook Singles Near Me

Being single on Facebook could be boring, but it also has its perks. You could find real-life partners from the platform. You could join singles groups and find some pages as well. If you are new to the Facebook platform, then you need to know that you can set your Facebook relationship status. When your relationship status is single, then you are a single on Facebook. However, some of the users on the platform whose relationship status is single might not actually be single. This could be because the user does not know how to update his or her relationship status or they just want to leave it.

How to Find Singles on Facebook

The first thing you should know is to search for Facebook singles pages and group. This group and pages method is used by users who don’t know where to start. However, if you have a name, you can start by searching out the user name and check the personal profile to know if he or she is single.

How to Search for Singles Pages and Groups on Facebook

Now this is very simple. All you need to do is follow the steps below.

  • Go to the official Facebook website using the link www.facebook.com.
  • Now login your account if it is not yet logged in.
  • Tap on the search bar of the Site and enter your search term. For singles groups and pages, you can search for any singles term. For instance, you can search for “Singles”.
  • Now tap on the dropdown arrow and tap on “pages” or “groups” to direct your search to pages or groups respectively. For desktop devices, you might see the link without a dropdown arrow.
  • Click on the page or group name afterward to open it and on the join or like icon to join the group or like the page.

Now you can look up the members of the group or the people who like the page. You should note as I said earlier, some of them might not be single, so you might want to consider asking them first.

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