Facebook Status – How Do You Write a Good Status on Facebook | Facebook Status Update

Most of us WhatsApp users already know about the status feature. In case you have not heard; Facebook recently added a new feature to their platform. This new feature known as Facebook stories or Facebook status is an amazing feature that helps users express themselves at all times. On the Facebook timeline, you are enabled to post almost anything you want to post. As long as it does not contradict Facebooks terms and conditions. They include videos, photo, links, and write-ups.

Facebook Status - How Do You Write a Good Status on Facebook | Facebook Status Update

Using Facebook gives you an advantage that you cannot get using another social media platform. All social media platform always makes updates to keep their platform in check. But, with Facebook, things are a lot better. They always make sure that their update is something the user will enjoy using or something that will draw more individuals to the platform. And if you have been using Facebook for a very long time, I believe you can attest to that. And with Facebook status added to the platform, I bet you as a user us feeling this new update.

How to Update Your Facebook Status

The status platform keeps on getting more advanced as time goes on. First, you have your timeline to update and then the Facebook stories feature. Steps on how to update your status are stated below:

  • First, open your Facebook account
  • Locate the timeline at the top of the page with create posts option on it
  • Then add the post you wish to add.

You have some extra features on the status platform like:

  • Tag events
  • Feel/activity
  • Tag friends
  • Insert emojis
  • Sticker etc.

Facebook Stories

Facebook stories are included by Facebook to enable users to give details on how their day was spent. Each post you upload lasts for 24 hours before it is taken out.

The stories platform enables Facebook users to share photos, videos, links and write up with others. This feature helps users express how their day went. You can upload as many stories as you want, do lots of publicities with this feature. And your friends get to view your stories and you get to view theirs.