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Facebook Support – Contact Facebook Support Team

by Christy Bassey

Facing problems on Facebook is normal and you need help. Who is better to give it to you than Facebook support themselves? If you are having difficulties navigating the platform, with the aid of FB support, all your problems will go away. Complicating the problem for yourself is when you try to handle a problem you know nothing about without calling for support.

Facebook Support - Contact Facebook Support Team

Facebook support helps Facebook connect with users, helping them with issues that concern their Facebook accounts. On the support platform, you would be given opinions on matters or problems that users encounter the most. If your problem is not there, then, you can easily communicate your problem to Facebook using the search bar. Enter your problem on the bar and click enter.

Facebook Support Team

Most people who use Facebook support use it based on asking questions mainly on Facebook ads. The best way to contact support is through the Facebook help center. Here, I will make things easy for you, by giving you the steps on how to contact support using the FB help center. Facebook has made things a lot easier for users by introducing several means to contact them. The two main ways available are through helplines and links.

Facebook Direct Support

On logging in your Facebook account using the desktop site, you would see some plugins at the top of the page, they include:

  • Notifications
  • Friend Requests
  • Messenger
  • Quick Help
  • Account Switcher

The quick help plugin icon located at the top of the page is the fastest way to reach Facebook help. With that, you do not need to open the help center site using your web browser. But, if you wish to visit the help center homepage, use the link https://www.facebook.com/help/. Click the link or enter it on your URL bar and you will gain direct access to FB support. Plus, their service is available to all users 24/7.

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