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Facebook Themes for Android – Download Facebook Themes Skin

by Christy Bassey

Are you tired of view the same theme over and over again? If you are then do not worry because changing the Facebook theme is very possible. One fun fact about Facebook is that they always look for ways to enlighten and make their users happy using their Facebook account. The Facebook theme for android is amazing because they have so many different amazing themes skin design to meet your color and style.

Facebook Themes for Android - Download Facebook Themes Skin

The Facebook themes for android is designed and provided by Facebook for users to brighten up their pages and walls of their accounts. There are so many available themes waiting to be used by users. But the Facebook theme is mostly available to android users especially so if you do not have an android device and you wish to use the theme, then get one for yourself. The themes are worth using because they are not just beautiful designs, they are superb designs.

How to Download Facebook Themes Skin

Downloading Facebook theme skin is easy, just follow the steps I will be listing for you below:

  • First, open your browser using Google chrome
  • Click the Apps icon and also click the web store icon
  • Locate the search toolbar and then search for Facebook
  • Below, you will see the themes icon, click it
  • Search for themes or skin and select your preferred design
  • Finally, click apply a new theme.

Once you are done with that, go back and log in to your Facebook account. you will observe that your theme has been changed to whatever design you selected. Note that you can only download one theme at a time in your chrome. To download other themes on your device (Android or IOS) simply go to Playstore and search for Facebook themes. You would see so many options, download the one you wish to download.

Facebook Themes for Android

In case you want to search for Facebook themes for android and you have no idea of themes to search for, well I got you covered.

  • Beauty style theme
  • Go keyboard theme
  • Super swipe theme
  • Multi-color for Facebook
  • Theme for messenger
  • New messenger version
  • Messenger theme

These are guaranteed themes because most people search for them.

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