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Facebook Themes | Install & Change Facebook Themes

by Christy Bassey

Facebook themes, facebook skin or facebook background allowed users to change and get access to the list of free facebook themes created by Facebook facebook and others. This themes help to personalize and make users facebook look unique. These facebook themes  add beauty and color to your  wall. The themes are created by Facebook and other users for your own pleasure. Some users of Facebook may get tired of the default theme and want something extra.

Facebook Themes | Install & Change Facebook Themes

Facebook themes make your news feed look and feel colourful. Some users may get tired of the normal theme and background, then want something new. That is why the facebook skin and themes is the for. So they can change the background and themes from time to time. Facebook themes which is also known as the facebook style gallery. You can change your Facebook skin or themes as much as possible. The themes are many and it get updated too. Facebook theme only work on your PC. You  cannot used it on mobile devices.

 How to Install Facebook Themes

Facebook themes or background can only be installed or change from Google Chrome browser. That is,  you can only install or download it through chrome. To install or download it follow the steps below.

First, install the fair share extension by opening a new window. Search and click on the apps. Navigate through and select your favorite. When you have selected your choice, click on apply. Then login to your  Facebook account,  you will see the transformation and change immediately. You can always apply this same method whenever you want change the theme to another one again.

How to Change Your  Facebook Themes

After you have installed your themes, you can change it from time to time. To change your themes follow the guide below.

To start launch your Facebook app and click on the icon on the top right corner of your Facebook page. The menu will appear showing you  library and install options. Click on library to download new themes or background. You can install or download the theme anything you want.


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