Facebook Year in Review Video – How Do I Find my Year in Review Video on Facebook

Facebook year in review video is a video designed to help individuals take a look back on how their year on Facebook was like. This video is designed by Facebook because facebook wants to bring back all the amazing memories and activities you have on Facebook.

Facebook Year in Review Video - How Do I Find my Year in Review Video on Facebook

This video can not just be created by Facebook alone, you can also create it yourself. As a user, Facebook uses this method to appreciate you for being a Facebook account owner. The video is not usually so long, but it is perfect, it contains everything it needs to make the video look special.

Facebook Year Videos

Facebook just do not send one video to show their appreciation, but they send plenty of other videos like:

  • Memory Videos to mark Facebook friendship
  • Happy Birthday Videos
  • Anniversary Videos

The video stands as a gift to every user at the completion of every one year they spend on Facebook. Sharing your video with your friend is not a problem, in facet Facebook wants you to do that to make your friends know how they have contributed to your year. This video is not just an ordinary video, but it comes with amazing and unique features and designs. Always try to share your video with your friends because without them your Facebook account would be dormant and boring for you to even use it.

Features of Facebook Year in Review Video

The Facebook year in review video is the summary of everything you did that year, and how the year went for you. content of the video is stated below:

  • The number of likes you had on every content you posted
  • tagged post
  • Birthday wishes from friends
  • Number of comments you got
  • Post with lots of views and comments from your friends
  • Reactions to post
  • Events you involved in and celebration organized by you

Hence, all these stated above will help you remember your previous Facebook year. So for that, I guess you should be appreciating Facebook for helping and contributing to your year’s happiness. You can access yours if you visit  www.facebook.com/yearinreview.