Facebook Zero – How can I Use Facebook Without Internet | Facebook Free Mode Data

The Facebook free mode is not something new to most of us Facebook users. Facebook zero AKA Facebook free mode is a version of Facebook that enables users to make use of Facebook without any data charge. Facebook does this by collaborating with social networking service providers. This has really helped most individuals come online even when they do not have data. Do not get me wrong, Facebook free mode is limited to some of Facebook activities. The Facebook free mode cannot access any form of media (picture, audio or video) while data mode grants you access to all of them. But one thing about the free mode is that it can help you control your data usage at any time.

Facebook Zero - How can I Use Facebook Without Internet | Facebook Free Mode Data

Most individuals on Facebook spend more time on Facebook messenger than they do on Facebook itself. And guess Facebook free mode will grant you access to all but media. So, you can stay connected to your Facebook account and receive notifications on the platform.

Facebook Zero

Facebook free mode is only available in the Facebook app. Meaning it can only be used on your mobile device. You cannot access free mode using your web browser or desktop site. So, if you wish to enjoy the free mode platform then download the app now if you have a device that can download applications. You can get the app from Google Playstore, apple store, and even windows.

How to Switch from Data Mode to Zero Mode on Facebook Mobile App

Switching from date mode to fakebook zero mode is easy because all you have to do is to:

  • sign in your Facebook account using the mobile app
  • then at the top of the page, you would find the icon that says you’re in data mode go to free.
  • Click the go to free icon and you would be switched to free mode.

Facebook has so advanced its platform that it has made it easy to access without any excuse. Facebook has created several versions for Facebook users and due to that, the rate at wish people use Facebook has increased greatly. The versions may not be new to some of us. they are

  • Facebook lite
  • Facebook free mode
  • Messenger for kids

This is to tell you that Facebook is advancing every day and they want to take their users along.