Feminist theory

Women and Feminists Role in the Society

In my previous post about women and feminist I highlighted some of the things that need to be in place for women to take full charge of themselves and marginalize their potential. Women have to be physically, mentally, financially and social empowered, In order to contribute to the society. Remember certain things are not given to women freely,  except they take demand for it. Taking charge involved so much more. A lot of feminists  fought and pave ways for us and they  are still on the course. As a women the power of self-love can never be over emphasis. You have to love your body, mind and soul to the extend that not a thing can make you feel lesser about how God created you. You do not need a validation from anyone to feel good about yourself. Do not put yourself in a sticky situation, it may drain your soul and energy.Feminist theory

What to Avoid as Feminists and Women in General

  • DO not allowed others to determine your self-worth as woman
  • Do not take on more than you can handle from people
  • Do not compromise at the expense of your health and mental well-being.
  • Do not allow your physical appearance overshadow your self-worth. Value yourself first before you point out unfair treatment from others. Be the feminist that is not bias.
  • Do not be a hindrance to achieving the set out  goals and objectives for women and feminists

Mental empowerment Is essential to achieving our goal. Imagine some women whose mentality is fixed that a woman place is limited to the kitchen only and that foundation has been laid down by her great, great, great grand mother. In fact It is a family tradition that women should not aspire to be more than kitchen keepers. She is  enforcing this same ideology to her daughters. No matter what these modern these women who have read one or two books have to say. Please do not get me wrong. Nothing is wrong with being in the kitchen. I love the kitchen with all my heart. but beyond the kitchen, there are more rooms to occupy.

I read how a Nigerian actress Omoni Oboli posted a picture of her son doing house chores on social media. Hell break loose, men and women bashed her, on why she subjected her male child to the work of a female child. Damn! My heart went into a reset factory, because of the numbers of women who judged  and were against her. There were so many questions I needed to asked those people. One Was for them to explain, evaluate and analyse with evident to  me who made the law of females being sole washer of plates at homes. Ah! Women we need to do better and know these things. Most of us need to press the reset button our mentality. Before can we talk about being a feminist, feminism, women empowerment, equally and all that fake stuff we say just to look cool. We must work on ourselves.

Educate yourself first.  Do not come and preach gender equality, when at our various homes we are an opposite of what you display for the public eyes.

We have to help out other women who are in needs. Let not be self-centered. Empower them financially by showing them how to be self reliance. Do not be a feminist by a words of mouth.