Five Black Music Legends Daughters

Black Music Legends

Black music legends, death and alive have done well for themselves. They pave ways for others. Their legacies have been handed down. But music is not their only legacies. These Music legends have blessed us with with their beautiful and equally talented daughters. Who may continue to keep their  name alive and burning in the heart and mouth of fans.Five black music legends daughters

Five black music legends daughters

Five black music legends daughters

Five black music legends daughters

Five black music legends daughters

The is a popular saying that “children are the best legacy and blessings”
There are so much beautiful and bold faces in the music, fashion, modelling, photography, beauty and political scene. Who parent are rich and famous, and they are doing well. But we will be looking at few of them,  that most people may not know. Yet they are inspiring, beautiful, and contributing their own quota to make the world a better place.

Five Beautiful and Inspiring Daughter’s of Black Male Music Legend

Sofia Richie
Sofia Richie has been in limelight but her popularity speedup when she had an alleged relationship with music super star Justin Bieber. She is the daughter of soul and RnB living legend Lionel Richie. Many people don’t  know Lionel Richie had another daughter apart from the famous Nicole Richie. Sofia is blessed with unique beauty. Her face structure and well toned physique help pave ways for her in the fashion and modeling industry. She has features in many fashion campaigns and runway modelling. Sofia has been able to prove that amidst criticism and speculations you can excel. She has been able to inspire many young girls to go for what the want. Sofia Richie is a name and a face to watch out for in the fashion and beauty industry. We see her breaking grounds  and representing the Richie  name to the fullest.

Reginae Carter
Reginae Carter is the daughter of Hip-hop super  Lil Wayne Carter and reality star Toya Wright. Reginae is beautiful face with great sense of style. She is mostly in the news and blogs for her outspoken nature. Reginae  is also one the cast of growing up hip-hop. She is the type of lady that will re-brand the concept of how people see celebrities children, she is tough and strong willed. One of her popular quotes is “there are many critics with no credentials” that shows the kind of lady she is. She will do  well in the entertainment industry and activist.

Zoe Kravitz
Zoe Kravitz is the beautiful and talented daughter of music legends Lenny Kravitz and Lisa bonet. Zoe face structure is so perfect that she has been featured on many campaign, a spoke person for brands. She’s musical artiste  and actress. Zoe’s  natural is a natural beauty.

Ming Lee and Aoki Lee Simmons
Ming and Aoki came in limelight with their mother’s hit show, life on fast lane with Kimora. Their father, Russell Simmons is a music legend and business mogul. They are uniquely different in their personality. Aoki is more of a naturalist and politics enthusiast, while Ming Lee is on the fashion and beauty angle. These two amazing individual have inspire so many to get involved in social and political issues. Their beauty and brains has set them apart from many other celebrities kids.

Paris Jackson
Paris Jackson is the daughter of hop music legend and king Michael Jackson. He was a gift to the world. Paris has been surrounded by controversies in the past. The suicide attempt, her rebel ways, relationship with her ex boyfriend and race identification. She has rise above all that negativity to become one of the most beautiful lady in the world. Miss Jackson has graced many magazine covers and campaign. Her beauty is so delicate yet powerful. She has been able to discovered  and distinguish herself in short time. Paris Jackson is an inspiration to many young people to be themselves.