Former Famous Strippers now Successful Celebrities in the world

Strippers are peculiar people in the society because of their profession. Stripping is an acting of making bare and naked. It’s involves a performer who provides erotic entertainment by dancing and undressing to music. Stripping means to remove something, to make bare. Being a stripper doesn’t means, having less self-worth or privacy. Stripping is a career and lifestyle for some men and women. Because they give happiness to people and make a living at the same time.


Former famous strippers now successful celebrities
amber rose and blac chyna

Stripping involved a lot of vigorous and technical routines and dance steps. The performers have to flexible, coordinated and appealing enough to ensure their dance and body language are arousing and pleasing to the eyes. Strippers will listen to you lament about your problems and make money from it.

 Benefits of Stripping

The fast money:  Stripping is one the quick mean to get fast and easy money. Because rappers are always making it rain. Some of the strippers can make a day what most of the working class people do not make in a month. Strippers are one of the happiest people because of fast and easy money.

Fast lane and easy lifestyles:  When you are a stripper life become so much fun because you get to mingle and meet the rich and famous stars. Strippers party with them on regular occasions.

love for dance: Most strippers just love to dance. They could dance on whatever platforms given and available to them. Some strippers don’t strip for money or fast life but just to dance.

Striping do not require hard work:  All you need is to have sexy figure with a nice  booty  to backup it up and your good to go.

Parent  issues:  Most strippers go into stripping because of daddy and mummy issues. They pour out all the negative energy into tweaking it out on the pole.
People hit the pole to escape their psychology and emotional problems. Many strippers who strip go through different issues and they believe that stripping will afford them the escape route they need.

Poverty: Majority of the male and female strippers started out because they could not contend with their penury life anymore.

Top Four Successful Celebrities who were Strippers

Blac chyna

Chyna started out a stripper before hitting fame. She first test of stardom was when she dated rapper Tyga and became one of Kim Kardashian bestfriend. But in a short twist of time chyna began dating Rob Kardashian while her ex boyfriend Tyga dated  Kim Kardashian younger sister Kylie Jenner. Her highly publicise relationship with Rob Kardashian gave her so much attention from the media. She has two kids, one for Rob Kardashian and one for Tyga. Chyna has stopped stripping and she is enjoying her fame and fortune while expanding more business.

Amber Rose

Amber was a former stripper who shot into limelight through her romantic relationship with rapper Kanye West. Her signature bold bald head made her the sweetheart of many. Muva as she is popularly called by her fans later got married to rapper wizkalifa after her romance with Kanye tumbled. She has been link to few rappers and athletes after her marriage to wizkalifa ended. Amber Rose is an advocate for issues that are affiliated with  women. She is the pioneer of slut walk. Amber has stopped stripping and she is a devoted mother to her son Sabastian. She’s now focus on building her.

Cardi b

Cardi is one of the strippers who did not gained fame through affiliated with a man. She an ex stripper and now a rapper. Cardi was featured on the popular hit television show love and hip-hop. She is doing a lot for herself in Music Industry. Cardi b has been nominated for BET Award along side Nicki Minaj and Remy MA. She is busy expanding her music career.

Nene Leake

Many people don’t  know that Nene used to striped in the past, before she appeared in the television show such as the Real Housewives of Atlanta, fashion police, glee and more. Nene Leake is a brand on her own.