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Google Drive – Google Drive Free Upload | Google Drive Storage

by Christy Bassey

Google Drive is an online storage provided by google to help you save your file, picture, audio, video, document and more. It has up to 15gb storage space and it help you to synchronized and upload your files in different format into Google Drive. Google Drive free upload of files such as images, videos, music, document and audio content, slide, sheet and other media content.

Google Drive Free Upload | Google Drive Storage Review

Google Drive upload and store files on your Google account. It is a cloud storage for files. So that you won’t loose them. Google Drive is basically a cloud storage unit where users Upload and save different files. You can also share these file with others. Google Drive are already installed in some iOS and  Android devices. There are amazing features and tools such as image importation, spread sheet create, chart and more which aid you in your Google Drive free upload of these files.

Files upload in google drive are supported in format such as HTML, PDF, PNG, Docx, JPEG and more. You can do google Drive free upload of files in all these format and more. With Google Drive files are saved without you clicking the save buttons. It is automatically save with this uploading application. Users of this app can create documents and share with others even if they don’t have Google Drive in their devices. but if they have web browser and active internet data they can access the file shared with them.

To carry out google drive free upload of any kind you must have google drive on your device. If you don’t have the app on your PC or mobile device, you can download it from google play Stotre and installed on your mobile device or PC. And also you must have gmail account. You can’t upload with Google Drive if you don’t have Google account. When all this is done. Click on the app it will open Google Drive interface. you will see the blue icon on the down page. On the interface you will see a blue icon on the down page, click on it and the menu will pop. Select the upload option and it will open your  files folders, select the file you want to upload and drag them it will save for you. It best advice you use Wi-Fi network or a very strong Internet data.

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