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Google Plus | Signup on Google Plus & Meet People

by Christy Bassey

Google Plus is community and social network where users get to connect, meet people, and share their content with others. It a social platform just like Facebook and twitter. Google Plus is open to all users who have signed up to Gmail. That is you can only connect to google plus. You can always set up your Google Plus Account using your Gmail account information.Google Plus | Signup on Google Plus & Meet People

Creating an account is free and open to all users if you have not created an account you can read through our Google Plus Sign Up Process to set up your account. Users who want to access their account can read through our Google Plus Login process to do so as we already listed out the steps involved.

How to Create Account with Google Plus

To sign up you need a computer and an active internet access. Users can join google+ through their gmail account or you can sign up through http://www.googleplus.com.

Enter  your name, preferred username, a strong password, your birthday, your gender, your Phone number  and Other email address. Agree to google’s terms and conditions. Then setup your Google account  profile.

Complete your personal information about your profile and click on upgrade to set it up.

Click on next to add new friends and people you want on your Google account. You can also follow other page that are of interest to you.

Add a photo and start using your Google + account.

Benefits and Features of Google Plus Account

It gives you the opportunity to see others and their interests. You get to connect with other users and share your interest with them.

The introduction option allow you to write a short story about your self. about what you do mad your interest.

You can link your Google account with your other social media platforms and connect more with people and users can even chat and reply messages via text messages.

It has a like button that allows one to appreciate information or a post by any user on the platform. One important feature of Google Plus. It allows users to group friends and followers into different lists.  These circles can privately send certain information the user doesn’t want out to everybody.

You can also create a google plus business page just like you circle. Depend on how you want to run the page. With the few listed features, one can see that Google+ is not just any social or networking site, it is really a plus to us as it is to Google.

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