Group Facetime – How to Do Group Facetime Video Call

Facetime is a video and audio messaging platform that support any iOS device. This app allows you to make a video call or audio call to your family and friends with internet connectivity and no charge fee, you can also add all your family members and your friends together on a video call or audio call on Facetime which is called Facetime group.

Group Facetime - How to Do Group Facetime

Facetime group allow you to FaceTime video or Audio call with at least 32 other friends or family at once, you could Facetime either audio or video but are supported on iOS devices. Facetiming a group of people either by audio or video is very easy.

How to Start a Group Facetime Video or Audio Call

Making  a Facetime call is very easy for iOS users, I’m sorry to say this but you can join Facetime Video or Audio Call if you are an Android user, you can join or start a group Facetime Calls on Android device, because this App is strictly for Apple(iOS) device alone. Here are few steps on how to start a group Facetime call;

  • Open Facetime App
  • Tap the plus icon (+)
  • The next page will be your contacts you want to invite for a Group call. Enter as his or her phone numbers or email addresses to call other people add has many has you can.
  • Select either video or audio call to start the Group call.

With this you good to go if you want to call has many family or friends you want to call, it very easy and simple.

How can I join a Group call on Facetime?

Are you curious or scared you can join in the family or friends group audio or video call. You don’t have to be because it very easy and simple to join a group on Facetime either with audio or video calls. there are few ways to join a group call that someone else started, here are few steps;

  • Tap the notification from the notification center then tap the facetime icon
  • Then go to the active call and tap either audio or video on Facetime.
  • Then continue on the call

On every facetime video call you can add camera effects with either Animoji or Memoji on your calls. You can also use filters, text or shapes in your group Facetime calls on devices without Face ID.